Civil engineering Works

  • Design of Projects: we provide services of design and evaluation of construction projects costs for houses, offices, workshops, wash bay, inspection bay …
  • Earth works: by the means of earthmoving equipment (Excavator, loader, dump trucks, compactor, bulldozer…) we are moving earth for our clients;
  • Reinforced and ordinary concrete : By the means of our equipment (Self load concrete truck, concrete mixer, TLB, Trucks, compactor, vibrator …) we are performing a professional civil works as per international standards;
  • Masonry for R+0, R+1 or more buildings … ;
  • Roofing and ceiling works…
  • Grouting on concrete plinths for plants

Maintenance works, services and assistance

  • Metallic and Steel construction (Shed, stairs, supports, pipe fitting…);
  • Conveyor belt repair and splicing (cold and hot) ;
  • Structural integrity Assessment (Drilling rigs, Folk lifts etc.);
  • Predictive Maintenance/ Condition Monitoring;
  • Welding and welding Inspections;
  • Non‐Destructive Testing and Pressure Testing ;
  • Variable Frequency Drivers control for motors (VFDs)
  • Crushing plant maintenance ;
  • Rubber lining ;
  • Sand blasting ;
  • Ceramic lining ;
  • Acid proofing (Flooring systems and applications, direct bond brick flooring…);
  • Boring ;
  • Diagnostic, installation and maintenance of Household electrical appliances, air conditioners ;
  • Industrial cleaning, painting (Anti-rust, anti-acid, ordinary) and painting of metallic structures ;

Electrical Works

Our depth of expertise ranges from the subtle nuances of showroom lighting to the heavy construction requirements and power generation. Our preconstruction services team can determine your precise electrical and lighting requirements, design a complete power distribution system, and specify all of the elements required to complete the job and so, to perform all electrical projects.

And when the project is completed, we continue, at the convenience of the customer, to support with 24/7 emergency services.

We also offer state-of-the-art engineering, automation and systems integration capabilities.

In-house services include: MV electrical installation, HV cabling and switchboards, normal & emergency lighting, general power systems, earthing and bonding, lightning protection, general electrical refurbishment.


Good advice is worth its weight in gold. Extensive experience and knowledge, partly acquired through formal education, but mostly gained by studying those using our services, is available to you through our management consultancy services.

We are a construction consultants specialized in estimating and cost control, project management and construction project monitoring. The firm has a team of experienced construction professionals who have combined their respective experience in project management, construction management, as well as in technical planning, cost control and project monitoring.

Underground Works

Civil Works

  • Backfill walls: we construct walls in cut and fill mining process.
  • Ventilation walls: we construct brick walls to protect vent fans
  • Sumps
  • Pump station : we do civils for pump and pipe supports
  • Substations
  • Retaining walls

Maintenance Works

  • Refurbishment of crushers and other fixed plants
  • Conveyor belts maintenance and splicing
  • Sand blasting and rubber lining
  • Ceramic lining
  • HDPE pipes welding and installation 

Underground supports

  • Shotcrete works
  • Grouting

Road maintenance

Industrial cleaning


  • Transporting personnel,
  • Transporting of materials and ores,
  • Hiring of equipment,
  • Hiring of skilled and unskilled labor;
  • Farming


“To take care of all your queries and find solutions, are our worries”

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We supply to our customers:

  • Construction material (cement, gravel, sand, steel, rubber, gabions …)
  • PPE
  • Transport means
  • Mining equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Complete equipment as well as spares and wear parts of mechanical and electrical equipment
  • Tools
  • Fuel
  • Lime, sulfur, and other inputs in the manufacture of copper and cobalt